BIM | Webinar "Financial decision-making in times of crisis"

Recently, Fernando Sanchez, CEO of BIM Ltd., was invited to speak on a crucial issue today: financial decision-making in times of crisis in a webinar organized by Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo. Guillermo Gonzales, Director of the Postgraduate Department, led the talk that also had the participation of Gustavo García, a finance specialist.

Fernando's presentation addressed three main points:

  • The present role of corporate finance: a review of old parameters and a paradigm shift.
  • A review of Bolivian companies in times of crisis: a study of complex cases and success stories.
  • An analysis of possible measures against the current crisis.
The webinar explored a vast array of topics, including creative problem-solving, adaptability, and paradigm shifts in corporate finance. We invite you to watch the complete webinar through the following link.