Locfund II offers local currency debt instruments to Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Latin America and the Caribbean. Due to LOCFUND I previous success, LOCFUND II LP was created in 2013, which is a new fund that doubles the size of its predecessor following the new environment of the financial inclusion sector in the region, with a greater social vision and new components which aid to fortify the microfinance industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This fund seeks to strengthen MFIs; this entails the need to work toward long term sustainability. Therefore, the aspects related to environmental impact, social development and corporate governance are integrated to each of the stages of the Locfund II investment cycles.

LOCFUND II LP size is $US 80 Million, which also includes additional resources for technical assistance, all such funds were provided by equity investors and senior lenders. LOCFUND II LP has always focused on its constant support to the MFIs, among 15 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Innovation and differentiation are the main aspects of LOCFUND II LP supporting the MFIs to enter into the local capital markets. LOCFUND II LP offers the Microfinance Institutions access to the securities markets by underwriting agreements and secondary market incentives, following each of the regulations in each country.


LOCFUND II LP was created as an initiative of a group of investors all of whom were greatly committed towards the development and financial inclusion in the region, among them are:

  • FMO
  • Panamerican Investments
  • BIM Microfinance II LLC
  • BIO
  • Hyos Invest Holding
  • IDB Invest

Main Figures

| LOCFUND II LP: Evolution of Accumulated Loan Investments

| LOCFUND II LP: Social Indicators


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