Prospero Microfinanzas Fund LP offers Equity and Quasi-Equity to a new generation of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its size reaches $US 23 million to be allocated over terms of 5 to 7 years. As of today, Prospero has been fully invested in the region.

Its objectives have been focused on the creation and support to sustainable microfinance institutions, which is an essential tool to reduce poverty, while relying on a market with vision and social responsibility.

A microfinance loan portfolio with steady growth and efficient financial products require a strong and adequate capital structure. Therefore, the MFIs in the region require equity support from entities with long term view. Prospero seeks:

  • Increasing and Strengthening the Equity of MFIs
  • Spreading and Improving the currently Offered Products and Services
  • Satisfying the Needs of the Clients in an Efficient Manner

BIM is the co-manager of Prospero Microfinanzas Fund together with Grassroots | Capital.


  • BIM Ltd.
  • CAF
  • DMP
  • FMO
  • GCP
  • GGV
  • GMEF

Main Figures

| Próspero: Regional Presence

| Próspero: Social Indicators


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