BIM | AMC El Salvador launches its digital platform

With the support of the TSF of Locfund II, this important Salvadoran entity has just launched “AMC MOVIL”, a platform in which its clients can make different inquiries and financial transactions, such as balance inquiries in savings accounts, time deposits, credits and credit cards inquiries, loan installments payments, credit card payments and transfers between accounts.

This platform will be available in both web channels and mobile devices, with updated information on promotions, new products, relevant news, and the option to request financial products in an agile and efficient way (loans, savings accounts, credit cards or time deposits).

AMC considered three key aspects to build “AMC MOVIL”:

  1. Adapt to the clients, by offering them the capability to make transactions at any time and from any place.
  2. Create a friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.
  3. Provide confidence, by applying the security measures.

To use “AMC MOVIL”, clients only need to have an internet connection and a current financial product. Once they download the App and register as a user, clients can enjoy an easy-to-use and totally secure platform, which will allow them to give more time to their business, and personal life, while taking care of their health, due to less face-to-face exposure.