BIM | Business meeting with UBS and BIM

Financial specialists from BIM and UBS shared an illustrative session of analysis and projections on investments and sustainability in Latin America, together with more than 60 entrepreneurs.

The conversation began with the assertion that the macroeconomic and investment outlook in global financial markets will be relatively constructive this year. This, together with a series of aspects, such as the recommendation to stay in the market and the notion that there is a good environment for the prices of raw materials, in addition to the increasing importance of sustainable investments, formed an enriching conversation for attendees.

The presentations were given by Alejo Czerwonko, Chief Investment Officer Emerging Markets Americas, at UBS. His base is New York, where he leads a team of emerging market analysts dedicated to developing investment ideas in these countries.

The second speaker was Jaume IGLESIES, Head Sustainable Investing Advisory at UBS, based in Zurich. Jaume advises on investment issues that consider ethical, social and environmental values, seeking returns that go beyond financial ones.

The third presentation was in charge of Fernando Sánchez, CEO of BIM, who has led the creation of funds financed by IDB, CAF, FMO, BIO and other international development entities, achieving more than 300 million dollars invested in venture capital and microfinance in 14 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.