BIM | Conversing with Fernando Sánchez to Learn about the March

Our CEO, Fernando Sánchez, was invited this week to the Learn about the March space to talk about leadership in times of crisis, along with Claudia Daza, Marco Mollinedo and Ronald Olguín.

“Not even the most pessimistic of CEOs has considered a pandemic among their potential risks this year,” commented Marco Mollinedo at the beginning of this conversation in which Fernando shared various impressions of the impact that the global health emergency has had on the health care industry. microfinance. “We are going through a very complex test, however there are surprisingly positive results. These three months have been an accelerated course of adaptation to change and those who have made the decision to adapt to the new normal are moving forward. ” In short, it has been a very interesting conversation that we are happy to share with you through this medium.