BIM | Fundación Paraguaya incorporates artificial intelligence to its digital transformation process

Fundación Paraguaya, with the support of the TSF of Locfund II and the team of digital consultants from Serinea Investments S.L. has implemented a tool based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the onboarding of new clients and the management of current clients through a chatbot and a CRM, allowing a continuous and direct communication through WhatsApp with micro-entrepreneurs. For this process, it maintains an alliance with Zapform, a Brazilian startup with presence in more than 10 countries in Latin America.

This tool has been adapted to the microfinance sector, obtaining great results in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, among others. In addition, a dynamic and multidisciplinary team has been formed according to agile methodologies, working remotely from Paraguay (Fundación Paraguaya), Bolivia (Locfund), Spain (Serinea) and Brazil (Zapform).

According to the type of credit granted by Fundación Paraguaya, chatbots have been developed both for the management of Community Banking and Individual Credit, maintaining the essence of the credit processes but streamlining operations. During the development process, much emphasis has been placed on the User Experience (UX), studying the end clients´ profiles, as well as the Committee of Women Entrepreneurs Advisers´ profile and their respective “user journeys” in a conventional credit process.

Fundación Paraguaya aims to achieve greater cost efficiency, by reducing meeting times with clients and automating the process of uploading data to the system with digital client folders. On average, it is expected to reduce the disbursement time to a new Committee of Women Entrepreneurs by 43%.