LOCFUND | Workshop: Risks and Internal Control for Microfinance

As part of the activities of Locfund’s technical assistance component, during June 2017 -in the facilities of a hotel in Guatemala City- the Course / Workshop called: “Risks and Internal Control for Microfinance” was held, organized within the framework of the Assets, Liabilities and Risks Consulting, in charge of the Consultant Pedro Fardella.

The workshop was attended by 18 officials, including Heads of Agencies, Supervisors, Regional Coordinators, Administrative staff and the Technical Council of the FAFIDESS Foundation. Many of the participants traveled from the interior of the country due to the great expectation about the theme to be developed.

Given the vast experience and financial knowledge of Mr. Fardella, the activity was developed with a high academic level, generating broad discussion of the issues among the attendees.