Microfinanzas Latinoamerica (MILAC) stands out for managing medium-term resources, providing profitability and diversification to private investors. At the same time, it offers financing to microfinance institutions with a proven track record of performance in the Latin American region. Investing in the microfinance sector not only offers financial returns but also promotes financial inclusion, thereby contributing to development and growth in the region.

MILAC Next is the latest and largest investment vehicle within MILAC’s portfolio. Through its partnership with Locfund Next, MILAC Next indirectly invests in over 50 microfinance institutions in the region. This diversification and strategic focus allow for maximizing the impact of the investment and mitigating risks.

BIM, the manager of MILAC, brings over twenty years of experience and profound knowledge in investment management and technical assistance to microfinance institutions in the Latin American region. This experience is crucial to ensuring the success and sustainability of investments, as well as providing support to financial institutions in their growth and development.

A history of success:

  • USD 32.9 million in fixed income instruments.
  • 6 investment vehicles.
  • MILAC provided financing to 17 microfinance institutions across 7 countries in Latin America. MILAC Next, in partnership with Locfund Next, would encompass a potential market of over 50 microfinance institutions in 14 different countries across the Latin America and The Caribbean region.
  • 46 financing operations



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