BIM | Successful closure of Locfund II technical assistance

The Locfund II Technical Support Facility (TSF) has become a successful story thanks to BIO, FMO, NORFUND and SECO. The TSF has generated a multiplier impact in the mitigation and reduction of financial inclusion gaps in vulnerable communities.

At BIM we are proud to communicate the culmination of the TSF-Locfund II in November 2022, after four years of successful implementation, in which it supported 82 microfinance institutions of 13 countries of LAC in the following subcomponents: capital markets, digital transformation, risks, ESG and knowledge dissemination. 

We are grateful for the articulated work between all Donors and MFI, which was vital to train 3thousand staff members (39% female) as well as 91thousand final clients through 75 technical assistance activities.

Additionally, we would like to give special thanks to each of the Donor’s representatives (Maria Joao, Mathieu Demoulin, Lilian Saade Hazin, Carlos Escobar, Marianela Gonzalez, Thomas Knecht, Valerie Donzel) whose support and passion towards financial inclusion has been contagious and a key element for the success of this Facility.