BIM | Conference “Financial decision making in times of crisis”

In recent days, Fernando Sanchez, CEO of BIM Ltd. was invited to speak on a crucial issue today: making financial decisions in times of crisis. The event consisted of a webinar organized by the Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo, whose facilitator was Guillermo Gonzales, Director of the Postgraduate Department and where the finance specialist, Gustavo García, also participated as a speaker.

Fernando’s presentation addressed three main topics:

  • The role of the financial area in the company, a review of the old parameters and the paradigm shift.
  • The panorama of Bolivian companies in the face of crises from an analysis of complex cases and success stories.
  • A reflection to try to determine if there are recipes or criteria that allow the business sector to face the current crisis.

The change of focus, the creative approach and the change of model are part of the responses that many entrepreneurs are making these days and that were analyzed in this interesting webinar, which we invite you to see here.